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Sony Center B2C shop

Following the successful launch of B2B solution for our client (see description below), it was decided that we will proceed with development of their B2C solution too. Now when we're live, end-users of the webshop describe their experience as "everything is very simple and fast", which happens to be exactly what we aimed to achieve.

As usual, behind-the-scenes there's so much more magic than you could possibly imagine. To name a few things: fully automated integration with Horizon accounting system and previously implemented B2B solution, advanced pricelist management and even a reliable solution for automated competition price monitoring.

As a positive side effect, we convinced our client to start using Slack for team communication, since one of the most effective internal alerting mechanisms is our friendly Slackbot. It never sleeps, always notifies the team and your orders will never get lost!

    Sony Center B2B shop

    When you sell something to other businesses, your website becomes a whole different story. Your clients already know everything about your products, there is no need for classic advertising, everything must be easy to find and the whole ordering process should only take a few seconds. Also, nothing should be visible without authorization and there must be an added layer of security to prevent unauthorized access.

    In addition to that, everything has to be accessible via API so *everything* could be automated at the other ends. Synchronization, reservation & ordering of products, order history - you name it, we built it!
    With a large stock and a big number of B2C customers, pricelist management proved to be a challenge, which we solved so nicely that our client said: "It's like switching from a Lada to Mercedes!" They didn't disclose the model, but we suspect S-class.

    But the biggest challenge was full automation of B2B processes. To achieve that, we had to pair our data base with clients' Horizon accounting system. Although at first it seemed to be a very time-consuming and expensive process, we managed to find an alternative solution!
    Now our client only has to make sure their stock is always full!

      Business Gene

      When initially approached by Guilty to provide a quote for development of a website with facial recognition on pictures taken with web cameras, then mounting them inside of preset torso templates and having a responsive 3D animation of DNA spiral at the back, all without using video AND everything working seamlessly on mobile devices, we were not entirely sure how to pull it off. Having put the hesitation aside, we ended up with a brilliant solution, first of its kind in Latvia.


        When PINS international program launches and does it with tight deadlines, we can help. Having joined the project on its finish line before the launch, we developed the responsive version of PINS website, as well as full functionality of separate sections of the portal, providing the client with timely, professional communication and possibility to publish the project according to the initial time plan.


          When lingerie hits the spotlight, technology moves behind curtains. The simple design accentuates photos and allows customers to pay attention to the most important thing - products. The products also are the main priority to our client, so we have taken care of addition of new collections to the website for several years.


            Vells is an enormous open-air climbing construction that challenges your inner fears to an extent you never thought possible. We decided to challenge our own inner fears in a different way by getting on the project just a week prior to their Big Launch. Our approach to create a simple yet powerful single-page website with elegant parallax scrolling animation effects turned out to be a huge success!

              FMS & Horizon

              Huge companies usually have a lot to tell. So did FMS (Financial management solutions) that needed a new, easy to perceive web page for themselves and for Horizon, their main product. Together with HungryLab we developed a visually simple yet very intelligent web page that could organize and do everything.

              The site is also integrated with lots of FMS services for authorized clients/partners and there are still a number of new sections to come.


                While working on another large scale project, we needed to test the performance of a new noSQL RAM database solution created by our friends at ClusterPoint. What initially was just a test, in the end turned out to be a social application that allows companies to create contests in the social network draugiem.lv, and their followers to participate in them by uploading pictures or videos. The app took off in an instant and is currently being used by 550`000 registered users who generate 2 million page views per month.


                  To us, this CD brings back the most awesome memories. Awesome product for awesome band, containing the most amazing music.