• We are passionate about technology but we will never recommend You to put bells and whistles on Your page only because we can. We will recommend simplicity.

  • We will deliver what You want, but we will think along and defend Your user's experience. We will provide an alternative opinion if we think You miss it.

  • We will consult You but we don't take Your money for it and we ensure You stay in control of what gets delivered.

  • We will think a lot before we code, but we will not produce endless documentation. This way we save time and Your budget.

  • We want to be proud of every single piece we do, but no job is too small to do it good.

  • We think "less is more" is true when it comes to number of people working on same project. We don't have problem of coordination.

  • We pride ourselves on having a core team that knows each other throughout years. But we are not hesitant on seeking subject area expertise from freelancers.

  • We warn You if certain feature is expected to be time-consuming and thus expensive, but we are not afraid of complexity "behind the curtains".

  • We are learning all the time but You don't have to pay for the time we learn. We learn because we like it.

  • We like to write our own code a lot, but we believe in internet of interconnected web services, so we will happily integrate You with any web service.

    Company and
    it's people

    We love the internet! And we love to solve complex problems with some simple magic! And we love a good coffee!

    The history of WeDidThis dates back to 2002, when a small team of developers gathered to make an auction site for railway cargos of timber. Proud of the end result, it wasn't hard to think of the signature. Since then, our clients have done a great marketing work so in 2010 we realized that it is time to leave our awesome jobs to start a company of our own.

    Now, while being small, we have a big network of freelancers that helps to make amazing things and keeps us as efficient as we can be. Most of our clients are Latvias largest IT companies that outsources the toughest projects to us - the type of projects that we excite about the most.

    We're hiring

    ...developers to work on exciting projects! Our devs are welcome to provide input on all of the things we build, and that enables us to provide better solutions to our customers, while still allowing everyone to do a meaningful job. While PHP and MySQL are a *must*, additional experience with either front-end technologies or server-side stuff is a huge advantage.

    Don't hesitate, write us and put everything you know on the table.